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Logo Design

When it comes to seeing a logo that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, what exactly is it about the design that gives you that impression?

There are five elements that can be seen in every iconic logo:

  1. It’s describable
  2. It’s memorable
  3. It’s effective without color
  4. It’s scalable i.e. the design works on a small pen as well as a large signage.
  5. It’s appropriate

Points one and two go hand-in-hand, because if you can’t describe what a logo looks like then how will you be able to remember it?

Point number three is important because color is secondary to the shape and form. I always leave colour to the end of the design process, because if the mark doesn’t work in black only, no amount of color will rescue it.

Point number four is vital for collateral, such as office stationery (pens, pin badges etc.) — all those little things that can easily be overlooked.

Lastly, the design must be appropriate for the business it identifies. This is accomplished through in-depth research into the industry involved, and helps to differentiate from closely associated competitors.
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